Make Up the Future Webinar: Beauty leaders share how science-based actions can positively change the industry’s image and its impact

Climate change, shifting lifestyles and stakeholder expectations around sustainability will define beauty for the next decade. Is your beauty business ready?

In this interactive webinar, we explore the urgent science-based actions brands can take to build business resilience, delve into the 1st estimates of the beauty industry’s environmental footprint and highlight where industry-wide collaboration is needed to create a positive and sustainable future for beauty and personal care. When companies harness a science-driven approach, they set their business up to thrive in the decade ahead.

Join experts from Quantis, Personal Care Products Council, L’Oréal and Chanel to learn how to leverage insights from the new Make Up the Future report and hear concrete examples of science-driven business model transformation.

Make up the Future Quantis Cosmetic Report 2020

What you’ll learn

  • The environmental impact of the beauty business with a glimpse at the first estimates of the environmental footprint of cosmetics and personal care
  • The key areas where innovative, science-backed solutions can lead to major impact reductions
  • How collective and individual actions based on science can help beauty accelerate positive change and reconcile sustainability with today’s fast-changing world
  • How to engage and empower internal teams to become sustainability champions


Sustainable Brands Paris

Dimitri Caudrelier
Director of Quantis France and Global Cosmetics Industry Lead

Lisa Powers
Executive Vice President, Public Affairs & Communications
Personal Care Products Council, Washington, DC

Philippe Bonningue
Group Global Director of Sustainable Packaging

Sarah Benabdallah
Global CSR – Head of climate and environment