Moving the needle: how to set bold climate targets to drive transformation in the fashion sector

In the face of climate change, resource depletion and shifting consumer expectations, the apparel and footwear sector is coming under increasing pressure to take meaningful actions to drive the low-carbon transition — and fast. The stakes are high, but the sector is lagging behind. It’s time for fashion to set bold goals based on science to move the needle on climate action. With the newly released SBTi sectorial guidance, companies have a valuable resource to move forward, wherever they are on the climate journey.

Watch experts from World Resources Institute + ASICS Corporation + Quantis to gain sector-specific insights on the climate target-setting journey. Hear concrete business cases to learn how companies have set credible targets that drive ambitious action while navigating ongoing challenges of data availability in a fast-growing market. Engage with the specialists who helped shape the new SBTi guidance and learn how to leverage it throughout your sustainability journey

Whether you’re just starting out on climate action or have already set science-based targets, this webinar will give you the clarity and insight you need to take your next bold step on climate to transform your company into a sustainable business.

Questions we tackle

  • What is the process for setting credible climate targets?
  • What are the enablers and hurdles to building a science-based climate strategy?
  • How can the new SBTi guidance support my target-setting?
  • How do I find supply chain data that’s relevant to my company’s target-setting? Where do I start?

Our panelists

Angela Adams
Senior Sustainability Consultant + Apparel Sector Lead

Charlotte Bande
Senior Sustainability Consultant + Climate Strategy Lead

Chendan Yan
Research Analyst
World Resources Institute

Seiko Inoue
Manager, Environmental Sustainability Team, CSR & Sustainability Department
ASICS Corporation

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