Natural Climate Solutions: Tap into the Opportunities

You’ve heard the good news: forests, agriculture, soils and land have been recognized as key levers in mitigating the negative impacts of climate change. Now, it’s time to harness the power of nature to reach our critical climate goals.

Using concrete project cases, the subject matter experts on this interactive webcast will demonstrate how leading companies are working collaboratively to deploy natural climate solutions that reduce climate impacts, assess strategic opportunities, mitigate risks and develop strong partnerships across their supply chains. Our participants will explore how the new Natural Climate Solutions Guidance (NCS Guidance), a GHG accounting methodology on land-related impacts, provides the needed framework to give companies a more robust assessment of the effectiveness of their plans and actions to address deforestation, soil health, land use change, biodiversity, regenerative agriculture and more.

In this interactive session, we’ll tackle

  • What natural climate solutions are, and why everyone is talking about them
  • How companies are implementing natural climate solutions, and what results are already coming in
  • Which market levers are driving the need for natural climate solutions
  • How every company can use the NCS Guidance methodology to account for GHG emissions from land, forests and soils across its supply chain
  • Your questions about natural climate solutions


Jon Dettling
Jon Dettling
Global Director, Services + Innovation

Neelke Verhelst
Global Sustainability Operations Lead
Barry Callebaut

David Rich
Senior Associate

Heather Clancy
Editorial Director (Moderator)
GreenBiz Group

Webinar: Natural Climate Solutions: Tap into the Opportunities

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