Ready > Set > Go Beyond!

WEBINAR SERIES: Three strategic phases of a science-aligned corporate sustainability journey

The IPCC report is clear. We’ve got 12 years to turn this ship around.

The good news is: we still can!

In this webinar series, we’ll take you through the three strategic phases of a science-aligned corporate sustainability journey to make you 2030-ready.

We’ve got some great panelists from IKEA, WRI, CDP, and WWF joining us to bring on-deck insight on how businesses are steering their strategies at different stages of their sustainability journey.

Companies know they need a bold environmental strategy based on solid targets and robust metrics. Some are just starting out and want some guidance to build their plan (check out our Ready > webinar) and some are looking to set science-based targets (join our Set > session) and there are those that want to go beyond carbon targets to include context-based goals as they look to transform their business to align with our planetary boundaries (if that’s you, then Go Beyond >).

Let’s get started! Grab your seat for one or all of the webinars. See details below.

1/3 READY your metrics for business resilience

Corporate Footprinting (incl. Scope 3 Assessment) + Executive Buy-in

Corporate environmental strategy 101. For companies who are just starting out on your sustainability journey, this session is for you. We’ll cover how to assess your company’s full environmental impact and get internal buy-in from your executive management. (If your company has already done this, you might want to join us in webinar 2 instead.) In this webinar, you’ll learn to identify your company’s climate ‘hotspots’ and present the business case for a climate strategy. Join Quantis and WRI as we walk through the launching points of corporate sustainability — corporate footprinting, including Scope 3 assessment and climate risk analysis. We’ll share business cases, provide practical insights on stakeholder engagement and buy-in, and introduce helpful tools for your journey, like the Scope 3 Evaluator.

Ready_Set_Go Beyond on Corporate Footprint science-based-targets

Our panelists

Charlotte Bande
Senior Sustainability Consultant, Climate Strategy Lead

Cynthia Cummis
Director of Private Sector Climate Mitigation

2/3 SET goals aligned with science + build your climate action plan

Science-Based Targets + Climate Action Plan

Once you know your company’s environmental impact and climate risks (see webinar 1), you can build a robust climate action plan with science-based targets (SBTs). Join Quantis and our partners IKEA, WRI and WWF for this one-hour interactive session. You can bring all your SBT questions. We’ll discuss the value of aligning your goals with what science says is necessary and how to build your climate action plan to reach those new bold commitments.

Ready_Set_Go Beyond science-based-targets webinar

Our panelists

Charlotte Bande
Senior Sustainability Consultant, Climate Strategy Lead

Andreas Ahrens
Head of Climate

Stephen Russell
Senior Associate

Paola Delgado Luna
Corporate Engagement Manager, Science Based Targets initiative

3/3 GO BEYOND carbon towards planetary boundaries and context-based goals

Planetary Boundaries + Context-based Goals

Climate action plans are in place? Good. They are aligned with science? Well done! Now, it’s time to build a truly sustainable future for your business by looking beyond carbon. In this webinar, Quantis and partner CDP will explore what actions and goals leading organizations are deploying to stay within planetary boundaries. We’ll look at context-based goals that include water, biodiversity, land use change, and more.

Our panelists

Charlotte Bande
Senior Sustainability Consultant, Climate Strategy Lead

Marcial Vargas Gonzales
Senior Sustainability Consultant

Christina Copeland
Senior Manager, Water Security

Randall Krantz
Head of Corporate Engagement
Science-Based Targets Network

Looking for guidance on your science-based sustainability journey? Let Charlotte be your guide

Charlotte Bande, Climate Strategy Lead