Seismic Shift in Eco-Design

Eco-design is now synonymous with new product development. Sustainable businesses and brands have understood that to remain resilient and competitive, product eco-design must be at the heart of their corporate strategies. There are 3 key factors of success to sustainable product innovation in the era of eco-design – it must be:

Strategic: hard-wiring product environmental and social performance in business models to deliver value
Operational: embedding innovation into NPD processes and solutions
Organizational: getting your cross-functional teams on board with the culture of transformation

Ecodesign Webinar Quantis

During this webinar, Quantis and partners from L’Oréal and Schneider Electric will invite you into their world of eco-design and walk listeners through their innovative approaches to each of the 3 keys while divulging important lessons learned.

Watch this webinar including panel that will explore real-life examples of how these brands and others are embracing innovation and readying their businesses for the imminent seismic shift in the era of eco-design.

Almost there... just a few details and the webinar replay will launch.