Sustainability in food supply chains: from attributive to foundational

Webinar will be held in Italian, on 29th April at 6 PM CET

2030 is the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)’s deadline year to have radically reduced emissions to 1.5° levels. The food sector represents about 28% of the total greenhouse gas emissions, giving it a critical role to play in getting us there. Making current modes of production and consumption more sustainable is key to building a resilient food system, and the focus must be on all players in the supply chain.

Quantis and Miscusi — an Italian startup actively working on aligning its Mediterranean dishes with the needs of the planet — will come together to tackle this challenge. Together we’ll discuss how technology can help the food sector make better, data-driven decisions to build scalable solutions and provide a foundation for meaningful dialogue across the supply chain.