The business case for reporting land use change emissions: a corporate and investor perspective

There is a clear and urgent need for action to mitigate land-use derived climate change impacts. As the world moves to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, agriculture, forestry and other land use activities have been recognized as key levers for change. According to the IPCC, they account for 24% of GHG emissions, half of which can be traced back to land use and land use changes (LULUC), including deforestation.

Reducing emissions from deforestation and other types of land use change is critical for businesses to align their strategies with a 1.5°C future, reduce risk and build resiliency, particularly for those that rely on the continued availability and quality of agricultural commodities. However, with the majority of their emissions lying in the supply chain, businesses face significant methodological challenges in monitoring, measuring and addressing impacts. Additionally, there is a lack of clear standards, methodologies and tools to assess and report these emissions.

Quantis and CDP will bring together corporates and investors to discuss these key issues, share case studies and introduce CDP pilot questions for reporting emissions from land use change. There will also be an opportunity to discuss the pilot questions, the LUC Guidance and how they both support and drive more disclosure.