The Future of Metrics for Sustainable Apparel

Apparel and textile companies are increasingly facing questions from stakeholders about their sustainability performance, policies and strategies. To respond with transparency and accuracy, credible data along the value chain is key to make informed, fact-based decisions and to prioritize their sustainability efforts.

Watch our webinar that includes a panel of experts in the field, including Quantis’ Rainer Zah, Sustainable Apparel Coalition’s Julie M.H. Brown and Hugo Boss’ Heinz Zeller. They provided business case examples of how apparel companies are deploying from metrics-based data.

Learn more about:

  • Why reliable data is essential for a sustainable apparel sector
  • How to focus sustainability efforts and prioritize topics based on metrics-based data
  • How to create more sustainable products by using metrics-based data
  • The future of data in the apparel sector