Driving sector-wide transformation in ICT through collaboration

Join Quantis, Dell, Lenovo and MIT as they share how they are harnessing a collaborative, sector-driven approach to catalyze change and tackle key challenges in ICT.

The ICT industry is under increasing pressure to disclose information about the environmental impacts of its products, from labeling initiatives such as EPEAT (Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool), institutional RFPs and consumers. However, environmental footprints for ICT products present unique challenges:

  • ICT companies have long and complex value chains, often across different geographies;
  • Product portfolios tend to be diverse and evolve rapidly; and
  • Assessments can be costly and time consuming.

In this webinar, Quantis, Dell, Lenovo and MIT will discuss how they are collaborating with other major ICT stakeholders through PAIA (Product Attributes to Impact Algorithm) – a streamlined methodology for ICT product footprints, a suite of simplified online tools, and a multi-stakeholder consortium of ICT companies – to overcome these challenges and drive sector-wide transformation.

This webinar is for anyone interested in learning about new solutions for accelerating sustainability in the ICT sector, especially in regards to product footprinting, and how successful sector-wide collaboration can help raise the bar for all.

Our panelists

Annabelle Stamm,
Senior Sustainability Consultant,

Elsa A. Olivetti,
Associate Professor,

Gina Killikelly,
Product Compliance Engineering & Environmental Affairs,

Xun Gong,
Environmental Technical Leader, Global Product Standard & Environmental Engineering,