Welcoming Sarah Beaubien to lead the expansion of Quantis solutions in the Western US

Drum roll, please!

Quantis is thrilled to welcome seasoned sustainability strategist Sarah Beaubien to lead the expansion of our growing presence in the Western US. 

With her robust sustainability expertise, strong leadership capacity, and more than a decade of experience building impactful sustainability strategies in corporate environments, Sarah is the ideal captain to advance Quantis’ mission, advisory services and relationships in the region. With Sarah at the helm, we can now serve a wider pool of business partners and build on the strong relationships established across the area.

Sarah Beaubien

“Over the past few years, Quantis has been strengthening our presence across the US, serving more clients to drive sustainable change throughout their organizations. We take pride in working closely with our partners, so it was time to grow a more local presence in the West. Sarah has the ideal package of skills for this role because she brings a high level of strategic and practical sustainability knowledge, corporate sustainability experience and leadership skills to the team.”

Bryan Sheehan, Director of Quantis US

Sarah has significant experience in the consumer goods industry, building partnerships to develop and deploy climate solutions. She is known for her ability to create synergies among complex stakeholder groups — boards, executives, farmers, legislators, NGOs, academics and other thought leaders — to drive sustainable transformation. Sarah already has a deep understanding of Quantis’ solutions, and we’re excited to have her leading this growing team and developing our presence within the strong sustainability community in the West.

“After almost ten years of working with Quantis on the client side, I am thrilled to join this team of creative geeks. I understand first-hand the issues that Quantis’ clients are grappling with, which gives me a unique perspective as a strategic advisor for other businesses looking to accelerate their transformation,” shares Sarah. “I’m eager to develop diverse and meaningful partnerships that combine our clients’ commitments, Quantis’ deep bench of talents and our rich portfolio of services with my extensive business experience.”

Welcome to the team, Sarah!


Looking for science-driven guidance for your sustainability strategy? Reach out to Sarah.

Sarah Beaubien

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